Today, the Open Usage Commons (OUC) is releasing version 0.1.0 of its trademark usage guidelines for open source projects.

The OUC board has spent the past year exploring what it means to align project trademark guidelines with the Open Source Definition (OSD), and learning how projects and developer ecosystems use OUC project trademarks. The resulting template guidelines honor the spirit of the OSD and strive to support developers through clarity around trademark usage permission – balancing the tension between permissiveness and necessary trademark protection.

This draft strives to be applicable to a broad spectrum of open source projects. The usage guidelines are available under a Creative Commons license so any project can adopt them and adapt them to specific project needs. We welcome comments and suggestions on version 0.1.0 (through this discussion mailing list).

These are general guidelines that will be modified and tailored for each of the OUC projects. For now, users of Angular, Gerrit, and Istio should continue to reference existing project trademark guidelines of these projects.

We’d like to thank everyone who has given feedback on the Open Usage Commons and the 0.1.0 guidelines, including the Angular, Gerrit, and Istio projects. We greatly appreciate your passion for open source projects and for healthy legal frameworks to support them.